H E I D G E R K E N . O R G - Chili

Captains Private Chili

1) Start by chopping your steak tips into tiny bits.

2) Throw that stuff in a pan and pour in some hot sauce and course ground black pepper

3) Let the meat brown

4) add
    1 can stewed tomatoes
    1/2 can of black beans
    1 chopped small red onion
    1 chopped celery stick
    1/4 chopped bellpepper
    1 chopped habenero
    1 chopped jalepeno
    2 smished garlic cloves
    3 fingers of captain morgans
    2 generaous globs of sour cream
    2 slices pepper jack cheeze
    a pile of mexican shredded cheddar
    a bunch of chili powder
    a sprinkle of salt
    2 heaping spoons of brown sugar
    1/3 a small jar of grape jelly
    1 splish of vanilla
    1 small bag of nachos pulverized in a zip lock and poured in.

5) Blend to a nice mulchy texture.

6) add spices and water to achieve desired consistency and flavor